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Monday, September 19, 2011

Who is Pucca??

When I was requested to make a Pucca Themed cake, I had very little knowledge of this 'Pucca Character'.. all I know was that one of my cousin like her a longg long time ago and that she usually wears red and have her hair bundled into 2 small buns. 

So, Again, thanks to google, this is what i found out about "Pucca".. according to this link: http://www.puccafans.com/en/who_is_pucca.php haha..YES..theres a pucca fans website.

"Pucca is a media franchise created by the South Korean company VOOZ. Pucca is a young eleven-year-old Chinese girl that lives with her guardians and works in a noodle shop in Sooga Village -- a small village in the mountains. She is in love with a twelve-year-old boy, the ninja Garu. Her love is unrequited and she often chases and kisses him. She will do anything to gain his affections, even though Garu doesn't return her feelings.  Pucca is often kind and affectionate, although she does have quite a temper and a short fuse. Pucca does not speak"..

 lol.. now thats something I didnt know of..  :) Anyway, this was the cake requested by my customer for her 9yrs old girl whos a big fan of Pucca..

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