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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tinkerbell Themed Party ~ Pre-planning

Fly To Your HeartFrom "Tinker Bell"
Words and music by Michelle Tumes
Performed by Selena Gomez
"Watch all the flowers dance with the wind, Listen to snowflakes whisper your name,  feel all the wonder lifting your dreams..You can fly..

Fly to who you are..Climb upon your star, You'll believe you'll find your wings.. fly to your heart..

Touch every rainbow painting the sky, Look at the magic glide through your life, A sprinkle of pixie dust circles the night, You can fly...

Fly to who you are..Climb upon your star, You'll believe you'll find your wings, Fly Everywhere you go
Your soul will find a home, You'll be free to spread your wings , Fly ..You can fly to your heart...

Rise to the heights of all you can be ..Soar on the hope of marvellous things

Fly to who you are..Climb upon your star ..You'll believe you'll find your wings , Fly Everywhere you go...Your soul will find a home..You'll be free to spread your wings, Fly You can fly to your heart...

Im sure all your kids whos a tinkerbell fan will knows this song.. the main song from the tinkerbell's movie.. "Fly to your heart".. and yuppp u guess it right.. Its a "TINKERBELL Themed Party"....

When a friend asked me to design a cake and dessert table for her daughter's 3rd birthday, initially she wanted to do a minnie & friends themed party.. but last minute change her mind as her daughter just got so obsessed watching the tinkerbell movie over and over again.. and honestly I couldnt be happier and got soo excited just thinking of all the pretty details I would do for this..

I started off by googling about tinkerbell and brainstorms on all the words associated with fairies.. and thinking of all fairies related stuffs.. tiring but fun hehe.. so yeah.. started off by designing this fairy invitation below:

The rest of the ideas just came in together nicely.. the main colour themed that I choose for this was Pink, Lilac and Green.  I wanted to create a soft magical fairytale themed.. so didnt want to use too many strong colours. 

The Thank you label tag for the sweet caramel popcorns pack

Printed a tinkerbell image and placed it in the frame - really brings out the themed!!

Food Labels

This are the garland I made for the birthday girl - spelled out her name in this beautiful elegant tinkerbell garland..

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