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Monday, March 12, 2012

Once upon a Time...

"Once upon a time there lives a "Princess" who lives in a Beautiful Big Castle. One day, She was very bored & lonely having to enjoy the luxury of being just a princess .. so one day she decided to explore the castle without anybody knowing, slowly, tiptoeing, she went from room to room .. until she stumbled upon the kingdom's chef's baking room.. She was so fascinated with the warm ambience of t...hat tiny room and the nice aroma of the freshly made cookies, so she decided to have a bit of fun! She baked her first cookies which turns out very black & salty, as she has never baked before, she destroyed the chef's mixer as she didnt know that the butter has to be at room temperature before mixing.. it was apparent that the room was in its upside down state..SUDDENLY, the Kingdom's feared chef came in.. and he was soo MAD.. You see he was actually an Evil Magician who has a bad motive.. so he shouted at her and...." to be continue on my next princess cake...:PPPP hahaha.. "
Anyway, heres a veryyy veryy long overdue pictures of the "Princess Theme Set" I did last year!! I have other pictures that is longg overdue too.. I apologised for not updating earlier, this is due to the maid crisis ive recently encounter.. so yeah, not trying to whinge or complain as Im now a fulltime working mother (in a 9-6pm office job), and having to takecare of my 4yrs old son, while trying to juggle cleaning the house, cooking for the family and making these cake order (hence limiting myself to only 1 order a week now)... So yeah..without further do... ill let the pictures do the blogging!! heheeh..:P

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Jewel Serene said...

Hey the cake looks beautiful, do you sell them?