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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweet Engagement!

"WOOO HOOO...I'M ENGAGED!!"... YAY (no, not me.. im married with kids already.. hehe..) Anyway, whats the next thing you gotta do once the guy of your dream propose to you on bended knees?? Call all  your relatives & friends and Celebrate it of course!! And the cake has to be special too!! I didnt have any engagement party (just a simple get together dinner ) and totally regretted it! So when I was asked to make an engagement cake, I couldnt be more happier to make it, my first engagement cake believe it or not! hehe.. Well, customer requested a sweet romantic theme of Pink & white ! So here it is.. I personally loved it, Im not very good at making flowers yet but Im quite happy with this ! What you think?

The cupcakes are for hantaran to the guy's family,
packaged beautifully in this elegant metallic silver box with ribbon and lace! love it!! xoxo

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