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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almond Biscotti

Lately I've been getting the "Baking Bug".... yes.. Ive been baking almost every other night to try all sort different type of dessert, cookies etc.. and last night I finally attempted to try "ALMOND BISCOTTI" ... after my failed attempt 6 years ago. Yes, it failed terribly (the recipe was given by a friend) and at that time, I wasnt sure what went wrong.. :P I think the problem then was, I didn't know biscotti were baked twice even though I've purchased my fair share of biscotti to go along with a cappuccino or latte over the years. Now, I can stroke biscotti off my list of things to try making at home, and I may never buy one again. Because they have quite a hard texture, they are best dipped in coffee or tea (or better yet a latte, *slurpp*), as they absorb the flavor of your preferred morning pick-me-up and will melt in your mouth, and before you know it you're digging into your container for another hit of biscotti, repeating this motion until you run out of one or both (well at least I did.. *giggles*)...

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