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Monday, January 30, 2012

Twenty Twelve!!

I know, I Know!!! .. It has been over a month of my dissapearance.. How time really flies, cant believe its the end of January 2012 already!! I havent baked a single goodies since the last day of 2011.. and Gosh how I missed it so!! Ive had so many things to do now, and my last maid's contract finished beginning of 2012, supposed to get my replacement to come in this week but last week my agent called and told me the bad news, they couldnt contact the Filipino maid that we have chosen as the applicant.  I cant believe it, all her paperwork both from Malaysia and Phillipine has been approved under our name and all set to go, just need to buy her ticket to come here... I thought Filipino maids are more responsible and professional over Indo or Cambodia maid.. Guess not huh!! Bad first impression , for me at least!! Now I have to put baking aside cos not only I have to work full time in my office job, I also have to look after my 4yrs old boy fulltime, lucky I can bring him to work after picking him up from the kindergarten... To make matter worse, its Chinese New Year time so I cant get any part time cleaner cos all of them are full booked!! (btw, Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese People who celebrate it)!!

So there you go, my full excuse of my dissapearance.. hehe.. and thanks for listening to my rambling!! Anyway, although my next maid wont be coming for another 2-3months (*finger crossed*), I decided i wont totally stop baking or taking order.. I missed it too much :P  I will still take order, although it'll only be 1-2 order a month.  Sorryyyy for those customers who I rejected, but hope you understand.. its only temporary!! :)))

I have tons of photos to be uploaded too, so without further do, heres are the cakes that were longgg overdue!!! better late than never hey!! :P

This LV Multicoloure Monogram inspired design was a simple one, the reason was cos I was soo sick few days before this order due and for the first time, I had to call to cancel my order as Im unable to make 16  3D LV bags for her, but she was so sweet to tell me to do whatever I can and if really cant, then its also fine.. So yeah.. cant dissapoint a sweet understanding customer like that, I managed to make 1 3D bag and the rest just a very simple design :)

Heres another simple order from a customer whose order I have twice rejected due to me being in overseas.  So although I had two other order that weekend, I told her I will do the cupcakes for her son's 2nd birthday as I felt so bad each time I had to turn her down.. The design was from her, it was taken from her son's favourite ABC's cartoon book!!

This was my failed attempt to make a VW car as I think it looked far from it.. :(( luckily it was my close friend who ordered it and I did warn her that I have never attempted to do a 3D car and dont think i can do a good job - true enough.. im kinda embarrased but learned a lot from my mistake!!
I guess practice makes perfect hey!

This bowling themed cupcakes' picture was taken by my customer and she was kind enough to email to me when i requested so as I was too busy and totally forgotten to take picture :)

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